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Before starting an Iso Fit programme every client is required to undergo a 55 minute Assessment / initial consultation session which starts with clients completing a comprehensive registration form. Accordingly clients should arrive at least 10 minutes early before their Assessment session. The registration form is a document in which the client provides lifestyle, health history and personal details. This information is held in strict confidence by Iso Fit and is used not only during the assessment session but also as a reference for instructors throughout this client's tenure at Iso Fit.

The objectives of the Assessment / initial consultation are to:

  • Assess strengths, weaknesses and areas of concern (if any).
  • Explain anatomically what the client's body is doing and why.
  • Gauge and analyze the client's postural alignment.
  • Accumulate the necessary information required to design a training programme to suit the individual needs of the studio client or to provide suitable guidance to the group session client so that they benefit from their sessions over time.
  • Provide answers to any questions that the client may have about training at Iso Fit.